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[Verse 1:]
I keep trying to crawl into places I can’t fit
But it’s something I just can’t seem to quit
Loyalties broken, words have been spoken
I don’t wanna hear
You’re filled with regrets about your empty threats
What happened here?

But now you come crawling boy
Like spiders in the night
And now you say sorry boy
You wanna make things right

You said you were now too hard
You took things too far
Chasing me in the dark

I was caught in your trap
I’m not going back
‘Cause I should’ve known
Where this would go

[Verse 2:]
I’m just a little fly sitting on your wall
Whilst you’re hiding in the corners for me to fall
Silence is broken, words have been spoken
Things are unclear
You’re telling me now you’ve messed up somehow
That’s quite invert in here


[Verse 3:]
You’re the nighttime wanderer
Creeping in my mind
You know what you’re sorry for
You should’ve lag from the last time

You’re a silent conqueror
With your kingdom paid in black
But the rain is over now
And I’m coming back


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