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Smoking bagz with OG ..and it's local
Know this nigga's jealousy and '
But I'mma kill this nigga..this all make
'probably need protein
I ain't have much but you gotta check your '
Rolling all down and you 'like all three
'years later been shut to my own team
We gonna fly 'we gonna stop '
'and we bought a whole store and we bought whole floor
Fuck it I just want more
Look I'm not fake everyone need a '
And I need a hundred cash, stop!
...bitch you gotta talk last'
'only real nigga be'
All black 'bad bitches '
Take your 'off I need some'
I can turn you black to a free'
I smoke so much wide I should '
Make so much cash I don't need those
I eat so much food that I have fever
Sometime I just '
When it's much '
I can't call'to my team '
And I got '
'hard to the '
Shine hard nigga let it rip it
Only day one to y killers '
..let the whores like ' will be like what's the problem '
...something different
More or less, and I can tell you can tell, more or less
We something different then now
More or less '.

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