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You’re tuning out like a snowy television
You’re turning into something you don’t understand
Caught amongst the hungry ghosts
Fluttering in windows
Caught amongst the hungry ghosts that take you by the hand
You used to dream that you would meet a stranger
You used to dream that one day
You would catch a whale
But now you walk alone
It is not a walk through pansies
Where did it go?
Is the spirit here?

Broken bottles broken bones
She had a man who used to beat her
Don’t let anybody know
Heavy hands, hair of cedar
And they come and use you up
And then leave you where they found you
‘til you sigh and let it go
Is the spirit here?

Definitely no

Swollen bellies hungry souls
Swollen cities hungry nation
Their opinions are a crutch
For a dead imagination
Empty eyes and broken homes
And I wonder, have I joined them?
Well at least I’m not alone
Is the spirit here?

Definitely no

Like a flatline, without pain
Like a doctor who keeps talking
Catch a bottle full of rain
Like a robot I went walking
Then the roof came flying off
Like a border open wide
Like a flower where you died
Like a sinister banister slide
Into the minds
Of the houses you’ve abandoned
Through a sea of shattered lives
Like a swan without my pride
Like a monster in a dress
Near forgotten left a mess
Like the only one you can’t impress
Is the spirit here?


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