NOFX - Dad's Bad News Lyrics

Writer(s) : BURKETT, MIKE
Artist: NOFX Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes
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Don't believe a word your grandfather says
He's been classified grade A psycotik
You can see it from the hole in his head
A saner man would have used a bigger gun

Degeneration ah ah ah ah ah
The lunatic clause was written for you

The story spoken is the story unheard
By you so listen cause it's unbelievable
A certain trait has passed while centuries turned
This certain trait has been a family tradition

No simple way to tell you son
We share the same red tainted blood
I'm gonna kill me, you're gonna kill you
Killing you

Don't believe a word your grandfather says [Repeat: x3]
He's a psycotik, grade A psycotic

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