Nonpoint - Change Your Mind Lyrics

Writer(s) : ELLIS
Artist: Nonpoint Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Vengeance
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I'm a pitbull backed in the corner again
Beaten to the ground and left for dead
Fighting his way to the top again
Money I got I bought and spent
The friends I had they came and went
One day you just might understand
This is a fight I plan to bring again and again

Do everything you have to do
To change my mind
Even when you see me shadow you
You play the blind
I'm the one thats losing face here
And changing ways
There isn't anything you can say to me
To make me change my mind

44 story 40 mile long brick wall
Covered in 9 ft of bulletproof steel
21 guns in case **** gets real
31 reason this month alone
For you to avoid picking up the phone
Monday, Tuesday, when the day comes
Try to decide hide or run again


Change why don't you?
Why can't you see this through my eyes
I see through your disguise
You're making me that thing that I despise


This time...

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