Nora - Scars Are Supposed to Last Forever Lyrics

Artist: Nora Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Dreamers & Deadmen
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that you took for granted
It's your last day on easy street
Time to prop your fucking eyes open
and stare at the mirror
That's you and this is it
Splash some water on your face and suck it up
You just lost all your choices
She was the best thing that ever happened to you
and now it's over
That's just fine, that will do
Let it burn
Let it fall apart
That's just fine, that will do
Let it die
Let it walk away from you
Didn't get to look her in the face
Let's make something dangerous
Let's make something new
Let's make something that will burn
there's nothing romantic about it
There's nothing
You did everything wrong and now it's over
Best thing that ever happened to you
You don't deserve it
Live up to it

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