Norther - Unleash Hell Lyrics

Artist: Norther Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Mirror of Madness
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Night falls, it's time to kill
this fist will give you the thrill
Your blood is running like the rain
you are begging, no more pain
My need to kill grows bigger and bigger
when I touch the trigger
this bullet that I will send
is the bringer of your death

I'm the god that you will need
Hatred and death sleep in my bed
In my eyes you're not doing well
keep on praying before I Unleash Hell

time will tell when I Unleash Hell
blood will flow when I Unleash Hell

Bullets fly, I pulled the trigger
Revenge is mine sweet and bitter
Welcome to my hell on earth
this time you'll get hurt
I reload my gun, get ready to run
Fuck your life, I'm just having fun
your time is up, I'll never stop
I'll make you rot, I'll fill your grave

time will tell when I Unleash Hell
blood will flow when I Unleash Hell

Now your world is gone
you're not about to see the dawn
or the things that I will do
but you know, it's all for you
Today this world will meet its god
I'll end this shit with a flood of blood
No return - it has been done
the age of death has begun

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