Northern Kings - Fallen on Hard Times Lyrics

Artist: Northern Kings Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Reborn
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Fallen on hard times --- but it feels good to know
That milk and honeys just around the bend.
Running on bad lines --- wed better run as we go,
Tear up, tear up the overdraft again.
Oh, dear prime minister --- its all such a mess.
Go right ahead and pull the rotten tooth.
Oh, Mr. President --- youve been put to the test.
Come clean, for once, and hit us with the truth.
Looking for sunshine --- oh but its black and its cold
Yet, you say that milk and honeys just round the bend.
Giving us a hard time, my friends
Handing us the same line again.
Fallen on hard times --- and theres nowhere to hide
Now theyve re-possessed the Rolls Royce and the mink.
Turning on the peace sign --- and its back to the wood.
Soon there will be raised a holy stink.
Somebody wake me. Ive been sleeping too long.
Oh, I dont have to take this lying down.
You can keep your promises. shove `em where they belong.
Dont ask me to the party --- wont be around.

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