Number One Gun - All You Have Lyrics

Artist: Number One Gun Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Promises for the Imperfect
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And what I saw today was more than I can take
I'll say this honestly
I was afraid
And the pieces are coming together now
But there's still just so many things to figure out
This time there's so many things that I would want the world to take away
This time it feels so right
And its time is done, it's time to run
And it's all you have for now
Leave the past, there's nothing left
And it's over now, I'll show you how
And it's all you have for now
You know it 'cause you thought about it
And when you sing about it, it's all right
Don't be afraid to let it go
All this pain, it's a shame
You never talk about it
You know in so many words it's all right
It's a game on your face, you know you can't deny it
And now it's you in the dark until sunrise

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