Number One Gun - Life Is What You Make It Lyrics

Artist: Number One Gun Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on Promises for the Imperfect
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it's too late to turn back
and now i know you're so far away
it's too bad all the thing that you might say

(pre chorus)
i saw the way you move
you never stop to notice what you have
you saw the way i looked at you today
when everyone is sweet, now

oh, yeah nothings gonna change
but everyone is sweet, yeah
you wanna walk away
but life is what you make it
you have to go away
but maybe you'll just wait, yeah
it's time to turn around
cause everyone is sweet

and i know you had to go
it's too late, it's over
and i know you're so far away
it's too bad all the things that you might say

(pre chorus)

this life is never changing
but this life is rearranging
and this life it always goes on
this life is never gonna change
this life is never over

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