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Artist: Number One Gun Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Promises for the Imperfect
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I'll stand, and you'll go
It's your turn but you don't know
That these things will last forever
It's your way, it's your time
And you hide what you deny
And you've been like this forever
I hope you change

You pretend that you're lovely
You pretend that you love me
And I will always hear you out
You pretend that you're lovely
You pretend that you love me
Instead you'll let your heart grow old

I've seen the way you move
You seem intelligent
You'd think I'd figure it out
By now I've had enough
Enough of all I can stand
I'm leaving this forever

You never explain it, the way you are
And most things that happen seem to fall apart
And when all of your troubles seem to go away
You'll know who to believe in

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