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Album: Track 12 on O-Town
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Would I walk through fire just to be with you (to be with you yeah)
Would I cross an ocean just to hold you (yeah)
Would I give up all I have to see you smile (to see you smile)
Could I walk through hell and not think twice

Baby I would
Baby I will
Baby I'll do that gladly
Be all you need

Do anything to make you happy
Baby I could
Baby I can
Do anything you ask me

Baby I can
Baby I could
Baby I would

I keep you from the cold
I'll be the one to hold you
Any tear that's by your eyes

I would be the one to dry them
I would risk it all and give it all to you

Baby I...
Baby I would (I would)
Baby I will (I will)
Baby I'll do that gladly
Baby I can
Baby I could
Baby I would ('cause you're the only one in my world)
I can, I could, baby I would

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