O-Town All for Love Lyrics

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Length: 3:29

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All for love, baby, girl what I do I do for you
All for love, baby, baby my love is all for you

Girl you're the only one, I'd ever love and need
Cause when you're here with me, you make me feel complete
Girl it's too hard to swallow, to know there's no tomorrow , without you baby

So I'll do anything or go anywhere, to tell the whole wide world that I care. yeah
With all my power I'll give you the real cause that is
How I feel when it's (when it's)


I'm gonna show you I can really be your every man
And that's time and time again, love will never end

So I'll go anywhere and do anything (to tell the whole world that I care girl)
I'll be your king cause you are my queen, life's a living dream, because it's


It's easier said than done to love, but girl it ain't hard when you're the one
Girl you have my heart

[Chorus: x2]
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