O.C. Hypocrite Lyrics

Artist: O.C.
Publishers: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
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Length: 2:31

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Yo, flaws and fallacies of life
Material items and ****
Beware ************s
Word up, don't let it getcha, you know?
This **** ain't nothing
One time, check him out

Yo, you live the life of a hustle
Not sympathetic to a user
Making cats fast taking trips to Bermuda
Elegant women, all lovely and feminine
Houses with arces, and big pools for swimming in
Big transactions, swiping all the action
Driving a Benz and Lex, you be like maxing
Jewels be on truck ****
Rims with fat clusters
Diamonds on your teeth, shining shimmers and lusterous
And God's hanging sideways, holding your head high
Cruising through a block, so you past a dreads
Now the dreads are looking hard at your face Mr. Fly Guy
Unaware tonight their gonna do a ****ing drive by
Go home watch a sci-fi flick, with a chick, till
10pm, now it's time for you to dip
Go round up a few men hold a classified
Info inside, hand picked these *****'s you confided in the shippment
To pick up quick, click off Clyde's
Seven numbers for you if their gonna demise
A scheme of betrayal
Guess in your valley you was higher then self
Work, short from another fly guy
By george i think he's got it
Chicks gooms and lump sums
Trickering 5-0 wild to be like dumb dums
One of the few never having a heart
Issue was smart some *** with it
Came to cash don't give a ****
Attitude more money, and more money
Dog days bright, and more sunny
4 in the morning drinking Seneca apple juice in the rent a car
Neighborhood star, got riddled and scarred
A lose cannon or cannons
Over famish foe, became shadow or did death and did (damage)
Now I knew this kid true to life
Word life, he preached righteousness and ****
And turned to be a "Hypocrite"
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