Cocaine Lyrics


album: No. 7 track in album Old Lady Drivers
release date: 1988
popularity : 4 users have visited this page.
length: 3:24

Die in your beauty sleep
Where is grandma? It's time to eat...
Perhaps in the bathroom, trying to excrete...
She's not on the throne, where can she be?
Maybe in the living room, watching TV...

Not in here either, where did she go?
Someone find her soon, the roast is getting cold...
OK - no one panic - we musn't dispair...
I've got a feeling she's somwhere upstairs...

Now I'm getting mad - where's that senile loon?
The only place left, is in the bedroom
Open the door, hear the wretched snore...

grandma's sleeping
grandma's sleeping

no she's not
no she's not

she's dying in her beauty sleep
she's dying in her beauty sleep

almost dead... almost dead

Now we have to bury grandma...
Now we have to bury grandma...
Now we have to bury grandma...

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