Oasis - All Around the World (reprise) Lyrics

Artist: Oasis Lyrics
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Album: Track 12 on Be Here Now
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It's a bit early in the midnight hour for me

To go through all the things that I want to be

I don't believe in everything I see

why'know I'm blind so why d'you disagree

So take me away 'cause I just don't want to stay

And the lies you make me say

Are getting deeper everyday

These are crazy days but they make me shine

Time keeps rolling by

All Around The World you've got to spread the word

Tell them what you heard

We're gonna make a better day

All Around The World, you've got to spread the word

Tell them what you heard

You know it's gonna be okay

So what you gonna do when the walls come falling down?

You never move you never make a sound

So where you gonna swim with the riches that you found?

If you're lost at sea I hope that you've drowned

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