Obtained Enslavement - Ride the Whore Lyrics

Artist: Obtained Enslavement Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on The Shepherd and the Hounds of Hell
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before the dawn of man
Nevermore shall mankind live,
for we shalt rule these lands
Forgotten shall the mortals be,
the strong alone shall stand
We are the superiors,
the demigods of the earth
Mortal be silent! Hark as we speak!
(Alas, you still walk earth)
Gather around us - fall to the ground
You are the child of the bastard son
[repeat chorus]
We ride the whore
We tramp upon the saviour of thine
We are those Gods left behind
[repeat chorus +2]

Thou art not worthy to walk the
land that was granted to thee
Spawn of the throne from those
who gave birth to the bastard son
Walk my path...

I'll lead you to salvation
An open grave...
for those who descent
from the virgin whore
Ride the whore in lust,
and see the angels in disgust

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