Oceansize - Catalyst Lyrics

Artist: Oceansize Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Effloresce
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I woke with a start today, determinations __
Filled with expectation
__ owed to go out

But I am so fearful of the future
Ignorant of the present
I’m wary of the past

Through the door
I shuffle him quietly down the hall
Identical corridors and artificial lights

The man in the box, born to set my world to right
Effortless to ignite, screaming in my head

With hope the catalyst will blow my joy away
But you thought that I’d have so much more to say
Can’t save me now (x2)

But I am so fearful of the future
Ignorant of the present, I’m wary of the past
When I awoke to a blue sky with a haze of red
True I __
Pissin’, suck up to the man

No wonder I’m tired when I awoke with a start today

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