Oceansize - Only Twin Lyrics

Artist: Oceansize Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Frames
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Run, Tommy, run… did you get all you want?
Did you drink the well dry? And extinguish all the sunshine?
I didn’t say that I felt the same, you just took it as read
As I closed all the blinds and put you to bed
And read you all the last rites.

It serves as a warning to me, just like most of these days do
Cuz I just wish that I coulda just left you there sitting in your own shit
Cuz I know that you would need to
See, cuz I’ve drove through all this before
And I’ve bought that skinny tee
With a big black gaping hole where the heart should be
That says, “baby, I renounce thee”

Don’t you die on me now

A kiss is now a circus show
The bids are turned to neon glow
Through spectacles
Of rainbow red
You never feel
Your love 'til it’s dead


Well faith keep him
A stop and don't endure
No one ever paused
Empty as a hole and ever depleting

What I’m for makes this all
A bankrupt sea of love
Cannot swim above
Empty as a hole and ever depleting

I recoil from the blast
And look around me
though Neither friend nor foe
Empty as a hole and ever depleting

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