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Periscope extends the lens
Veiney hands can't mend
Your broken little baby's remains
We all fall to bits just the same
Eyes down for a full house
Yeah I love you long time
They christened me just to give me a name
Now know that I'm to blame
There was no man in his eyes
No lights to beam home those ships
Can't even extend out his arm
To go and cash in his chips
I wish that I could not so rightly place this
But at least I can say that I was there
That I witnessed his demise
But you my lucky son
Because of your size
You would not remember
This has sent your only son
To an early grave
What you thought was an accident
Was deliberate
There's a twitch in his hand
As I offered him mine
Our captain only cared about his crew
But you would not remember, would you?
And when that time does come my brother
And I should offer you my hand
You'll know just what to do
What not to put me through
You must remember...
Come your expiration
Come your sell-by date
And there is no companion
It'll be too late
All this misfortune is punishment
He sings of gods that desert him
He falls again
But undeterred he hides from the light

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