I Am You Lyrics

Off With Their Heads

album: Track 1 in album From the Bottom
release date: 2008-7-22
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length: 2:33
assistant engineer: Dan Jensen
bass guitar: Nate Gangelhoff
drums: Justin Francis
guitar: Zack Gontard, Ryan Young
mix: Jacques Wait
producer: Jacques Wait, Off With Their Heads
recording: Jacques Wait
vocal: Zack Gontard, Ryan Young
composer: Off With Their Heads
lyricist: Ryan Young

Cover Art

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If you really want some answered questions
If you really want to know just what it's like
If you really want to dig inside my head
Pull up a chair, I hope you have all night

I'll tell you why I fucking hate my life
I'll tell you why I can't seem to get it right
I'll tell you why I entertain the thought of dying all the time

There's a little piece of me in everyone
Whether or not you admit it we're all the same

I'm every morning you wake up alone
I'm every time you're drunk and walking home
I'm all the tears you cry 'til you can't see
I'm everything you swore you'd never be

And the list goes on and on and on and on and on...

Track Listing

  • 1 I Am You
  • 2 Wrong
  • 3 1612 Havenhurst
  • 4 Go on Git Now
  • 5 Until the Day…
  • 6 Keep Falling Down
  • 7 Terrorist Attack?
  • 8 Self Checkout
  • 9 Fuck This, I’m Out
  • 10 For the Four
  • 11 Ten Years Trouble
  • 12 I Hope You Know