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Artist: Off With Their Heads Lyrics
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Oh Sadie, do you want to steal your mother's car?
Don't forget her credit cards.
Man, I gotta find a way to get out of here.
Do you want to go now?

Oh Sadie, I hear the desert is pretty nice
This time of year. Let's not think twice.
Just smoke that shit up and let's drive.
We'll tell 'em what it's like to be alive.

Oh Sadie, let's get out and start a fight.
This desert town Bonnie and Clyde.
We can find God and capture his light.
We'll make him bow under our might.

You're the best fucking dream I ever had.
Do you want to go murder my dad?
We can bury him under the stairs.
We won't get caught. I'm prepared.

Oh Sadie, I'm sorry you wound up in jail.
I spent your mom's money, no bail.
Wasn't it fun while it lasted?
I hope you don't think I'm a bastard.

You better call me baby for the rest of your life.
Though you're incarcerated, I got the feeling you won't find
No one as good as me. No you won't.

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