Oh Laura - It Ain't Enough Lyrics

Artist: Oh Laura Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on A Song Inside My Head, a Demon in My Bed
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You come home in the evening with whiskey on your breath
I dream about leaving but I wake up with regrets
The dinner that I made you is slowly getting cold
Hey you don't need to tell me that this is getting old
Chorus: It ain't enough, it ain't half of what you owe me
It's just my luck to find someone like you
I ain't enough, it ain't half of what you told me
it ain't enough, it ain't enough
cutting to the chase now I'll save us both some time
make it easier some how to leave this all behind
now you say "baby I'm not perfect that's just the way it is"
well anyone can see that but I need more than this
Chorus: It ain't enough...
Chorus: It ain't enough...
It ain't enough
It ain't enough
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