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Album: Track 6 on SunnyPsyOp
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i live it to the matter
want it to be better
i can only fake it
when i'm sitting naked
on the floor i wonder what i would be doing
if there weren't 4 walls
i'm sitting in the box and watching it all talk
and making all my minds up is it finally times up
no matter what the facts are it is anti matter
i'm waking up and blind
i'm feeling like a dog
i'm taking up the time now
watching all the balls burn
and i'm feeling high now oh and no connecter
wanna go for walk now i just don't know what to
feeling like a dog
are you alone so
you can make it alone so you can make it alone
so you can make it all out
the tourniquet around my neck is slowly tightening and i feel as if these things are coming in through all of those windows kept up nice and tight and feeling as if sound
i'm feeling like a dog
and it's getting me down
don't look at me like i am a dog on the floor

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