Fuck Everybody Who Voted Tory Lyrics

Oi Polloi

album: Track 7 in album Fuaim Catha
release date: 1999
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genres: Rock
styles: Punk

Cover Art

Oi Polloi Fuaim Catha cover art
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Machine gun toting police on our streets
TV cameras watching your every move
George Orwell's "1984" is here and now

Tories win in '79 - come and join the dole queue line
Smash the unions crush the poor - welcome to 1984

Fuck everybody who voted Tory

Company director, vivisector
High court judge and poll tax collector

Fuck everybody who voted Tory

Yuppies who don't care about human need
People motivated only by their greed
Selfish, grasping fools who believe the media story,
Fuck everybody who voted Tory!

Right-wing, Christian, merchant banker
Dirty scab, fox hunting wanker

Fuck everybody who voted Tory

Police - army of the rich, Mary Whitehouse - fuckin' bitch
Fuck the Queen - the fuckin' slag, n' fuckin' Thatcher, fuckin' hag

Fuck everybody who voted Tory

Fuck everybody who voted Tory

"I can see the Labour Party coming to power in the next election - maybe, maybe not - who knows? But it doesn't really make a difference who's in power - the State remains the same, the structure is still there, they just tinker with it a little here and there."

Track Listing

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