Oingo Boingo - When the Lights Go Out Lyrics

Writer(s) : ELFMAN, DANNY
Artist: Oingo Boingo Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Dark at the End of the Tunnel
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When the lights go out
Everybody has fun
When the lights go out
Everybody runs to a safe place
When the lights go out
Everybody's afraid
When the lights go out
Everybody starts to pray
Starts to pray

Monsters & Madmen
All come alive
When the dead start walking
There's no place to hide
There's no place to hide

Hey--Let's turn the night into day
Let's start a fire in an alley way
Let's all go crazy by & by
And let's all pray to the cat's eye

No one can be trusted, when the lights go out
People act real crazy, people start to shout
People huddle together, try and hide their fear
People party down by they ain't goin' nowhere
They ain't goin' nowhere

Gonna run outside
What's there to see
Just one big shadow there to comfort me
There to comfort me . . . there to comfort me


Just common folks like you and me
Turn into mobs that get so crazy
Prowl the streets like cats
Out for the hunt
Breaking all the windows just because it's fun
Just because it's fun, just because it's fun

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