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Artist: One-21 Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Grenade
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I hope yours won't grow farther
I take one look at your picture and I'm falling in love all over again
Well it's cool to see the X-wing fighter
and the places where Pee Wee sat
But somehow it's incomplete

Everynight I'm stinking and I'm thinking of you
I lay my head on a foreign bed and I'm lonely
Shows over the hum's still in my head
And I'm sleeping in my clothes again
So many things you haven't seen

I can't wait
to take a ride down the avenue
I can't wait
like we're the only two
I can't wait
we don't need anything to do
(with nothing to do)

Walking on the streets of California
Trying to talk to you
haven't been gone that long baby
Maybe a day or two
But don't you know that it seems like forever
Whenever I'm away from you

The only problem about being here is that you're not
The furthere and further I am
Tonight my watch will stay on Philly Time

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