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Album: Track 4 on Less Than Art
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Same four chords and same old theme
I can't seem to get away from the TV screen
And though I've failed it can't be said I haven't tried
Still I can't help feeling that I'm trapped inside
There's no easy way out, is there?
I'm gonna have to get a job
Not gonna rob a bank
Not gonna win the lottery
Oh, but I won't cry
I'm gonna be all right
Cause there's a time for singing in the rain
And there's a time for playing in the snow
There's a time for laughing and for crying
There's a time to stay and a time not to stay
I don't know
Same four chords and the same old song
I cna't even believe I've been sitting here this long
Though I've tried it can't be said I haven't failed
Still I can't help hoping I'll hear from the resume I just mailed
When I was younger I thought I'd be fine
I was gonna be a millionaire
Everyone would stop and stare
When they saw my name was up in lights
Oh, but I'm a big boy now
I don't mind, I won't cry
I'm gonna be all right
Cause there's a time for pleasure and for pain
And there's time for yes and time for no
There's a time for living and for dying
There's a time to stay and a time to say
I'm coming home
You swore that I would be the king
And now nothing's enough cause I want everything
Kill the fatted calf cause I'm coming home

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