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Album: Track 12 on Super Secret
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I'm gonna grow a moustache, I'm gonna grow a beard
I'll get some John Lennon glasses, and then I'm gonna act weird
I'll get flare pants and sandals, and drive an old beat-up car
I'm gonna own a used bookshop, and smoke a nasty cigar
You can't
I can
No you can't
Yes I can
You won't
I will
No you won't
Yes I will yes I will
And you can't stop me
Cause I'm gonna be cool
(That's not cool)
(Yep it is!)
(That's weird... I'll tell you what cool is.)
I'm gonna listen to Mozart, I'm gonna listen to Brahms
I'm gonna rent a stretch limo and go to thirty-nine proms
I'm gonna sit in my bathrobe and read Swamp Thing all day
I'm gonna piss off my parents, and tell my girlfriend I'm gay
You can't!
Yes I can
No you can't!
Yes I can
You won't
I will
You will not!
Yes I will yes I will
And you can't stop me
Cause I'm gonna be cool
It doesn't matter what you say
It doesn't matter what they do
We'll do what we want to do anyway
We'll do what we want to
Yeah we can both be cool
Even though we're not the same
I will not be ashamed
Of anything I want to be
Anything we want to do
Anyone we want to be
That's cool
(and so's this!)
I'm gonna bench-press Rhode Island and have a thirty inch neck
I'm gonna jump through a doughnut just like they did in Star Trek
I'm gonna go skinny-dipping, but I won't worry about Jaws
I'll have a neat healing factor and adamantium claws
Well, you can't...
Yeah, well, I really can
Well, no, you can't
No, I can!
(No, I mean, it's not that it's not cool, it's just you can't have
adamantium claws...)
No, I can I can I can I can I caan!
And you can't stop me
Cause I'm gonna be cool
(Well, you know, that is pretty cool, Rand, I'll tell ya,
but so's this!)
I'm gonna burn my house down and marry Molly Yard
I'm gonna find Michael Jackson and slap him really hard
I'm gonna read all that Shakespeare that they assigned me in school
And then I'll win at Othello I'm gonna be cool
I'm gonna be cool
We're gonna be cool!

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