Opeth By the Pain I See in Others Lyrics

Artist: Opeth
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Length: 13:50

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Let me taste
Let me feel
I need to know what you keep inside

No need to speak
Just let it be
Carry out this wish for me let nothing interfere

Rise to submission
I'm still beneath in the soil

Discard your clothes
Let loose your hair
We're intertwined forever and has always been

Say the word
And I'll depart
Upon your lips dwells nothing but the meaning of my cause

And so comes the dark
Vibrant as ever before
Flowers already withered
In this endless winter of souls

Outside in the park
The days move along
And nothing ever changes

They have nothing on us
But we've always knew
That nothing ever changes

Rise to submission
I'm still beneath in the soil
This is ours alone
Feeding off the warmth
Lured out from the inside

Depending on the life blood

Move in me and set me free
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