Opio Puppet on a String Lyrics

Artist: Opio
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[20 second conversation to open]
Interplanetary verses unsanitary
Just hurry in my Amazon from Panama to Paraguay
Dare I say my words is a jungle
Where the air you breathe is thick with humidity (Can't you see?)
Sweatin out your inner demons in my vicinity
The he, myth-defyin giant, sleep with the enemy
in the industry, end up in the jaws of death
Clutch his fuck up the set like a heart attack
Hard to react, I'm pimpin Todd Shaw "Mack"
That's why all y'all lack the fundamentals essential
to black market idealogy, don't try and follow me
I wiffle and dodge 'em then I shuffle off to Buffalo
Never know, where Op'll hop up in the truck and go
Puffin Golden State bombada from Arcada
Alligator green, salamander sticky
She tried to plant a hickie on Pretty Tony
Only if she knew the repercussions
I tried to lend her some enlighenment (but)
She was frightened by it
More inspired by desire and Myer's rum (hmm)
Firewater consumption got her mind numb
5 months, time's up, now she back to square one
Still goin in circles, it's a miracle
To some others it's a shame why they suffocate to strain
I'm not a puppet on a string..
[ad lib convo]
[sample scratched: "Once again in your dimension"]