OPM Stash Up Lyrics

Artist: OPM
Publishers: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group, Royalty Network
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Length: 2:58

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Put your hands up
This is a stash up
Pull the trigger and you're gonna get mashed up

[Chorus x4]

Check your *** up
Smoke grass up
And if you in the back then you gonna get passed up
Mateo better pass me that bong
The night is short and I've been waitin' too long
To enter into another dimension
Pull the smoke into my lungs
And release the tension
By the way did I happen to mention
How stash operates
So start the dissection

1, 2, Don't forget your crew now
3, 4, Sit facin' the door
5, 6, Never know when it hits
7, 8, It's gonna be too late

[Chorus x4]

Now I don't give a ****
Not a single ****
Not a single solitary ****
'Cause I don't give a **** mutha-****a [x2]

Ring the alarm
And now the sound is dying, oh
Ring the alarm
And now the stash is creeping, oh

Past diabolical
Encrypted in code biological
Generally defected
Or maybe just slightly misdirected

Murder by numbers
Straight undercover
Step into my, and you're six feet under
Do a dance
And let them know that you're feelin' it
Locked up cause you know I was feelin' it

Super bionic
My H.K.'s, and my bombs are atomic
Step 10 steps back with your monkey ***
Better take cover cause we're ready to blast

Now I don't give a ****
Not a single ****
Not a single solitary ****
Cause I don't give a **** mutha-****a [x8]