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Album: Track 3 on Treatment 5
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I know myself,
I know I think I'm so sick of people and I don't know why.
See, I just don't have patience for them,
And I really think I can make it on my own,

Lies... you hide words to keep from hurting me,
I would rather know than be happy,

While you're smiling, were all dying,
With everyday that we go, we are just getting old,
While you're dying, were all fighting,
With everyday we go,
I know better than to get caught up in words of boredom,
Of no importance to me,
So why do people keep talking? when all I want to do is hear myself.

The more I'm awake, the more I want to sleep,
What a shame to want it that way,
But what a shame to be in this,
"your life is such a bore, and me I feel so ****ing alive",
LIES... every breath uttered a self re-assurance,
I wouldn't trust me much if I were you,
But you choose...

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