Osker The Body Lyrics

Artist: Osker
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Length: 3:44

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If I could I'd take back some things that I have said.
I put a lot on you, it was good for sympathy,
but the truth is that I was as bad.
when i say nothing, when i do nothing.
all the things I sit with come flying out.
Try responsibility, not pacifism.
Don't take comfort in that you are damaged, just find a way.
Find a way to release the excess.
You'll find yourself better off.
Jump in. Don't slow down.
You don't think of me.
I won't retract what I've done for her, on behalf of her.
Don't take that away. I won't deny the time of it.
Someone said, "Take the past. You're not a reactionary."
I never had it hard
you held that to me
as a warrant of
perpetual happiness