Otep - Autopsy Song Lyrics

Writer(s) : Wells, Greg / Shamaya, Otep
Artist: Otep Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on House of Secrets
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I once,
Dreamed of a world ...

Without consequences,
Without reminders ...
Of this

I am collapsed in.

Once I dreamed,
But then ... I ... woke ... up.


...open wide, look inside
At my autopsy

I feel like a woman
I feel like I care
I feel like I shouldn't
I feel like a child of despair

I feel like it's over
I feel like it's coming after me
I feel like it's closer
I feel like this is all I'll ever be

I feel like a failure
I feel like a hungry parasite
I feel like a razor
I feel like a prayer lost in flight

I feel like ...
I'm hopeless

I'm afraid I'm a slave
I'm weak & average

I feel like a hammer
I feel like a nail
I feel like I'm guilty
I feel like the wrist that it impales

I feel like a butcher
I feel like I'm being deceived
I feel like a beautiful loser
I feel like all you sheep are laughing AT ME!!


Look inside open wide
Look inside open wide

I feel I'm a complete waste of time
I feel I'm transparent
I feel like I can't escape my mind.

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