OutKast - Movin' Cool (The After Party) Lyrics

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Cool, moving cool, moving cool

Cool, moving cool

Movin cool, moving cool, yeah

Hey, hey

Hey, hey

I can make a stone cold blind man see a better way
But when I'm around, you don't have to much to say
La, la, la, la, la, whoo, whoo

You see there will always be someone, taller, darker
Maybe wit a little of cheese than I got
But really, shawty you don't need nobody else

Cause baby I am (I am) the opening act (the opening act)
The headliner (the headliner) and the after party
After party, after party, after party, after party

I am all that you'll ever need
I trip on how everybody see's what I am but you
I thought you'd be brave enough to taste my *****'s brew
Well I thought I was dealing with a man, but you're a boy
You're a boy, you're a boy
I can give you everything you want, but I can't be your toy
Oh no, oh no!

[Chorus:Repeat x2]

Hey shawty, look here for a minute, shawt, shawt
Oh, my bad, my bad execuse me
You corporate America, you corporate America
I meant to say lil' lady, you look so lovely lying in wait
Like a lemon licorice, lollipop
Waiting to be licked, we don't play
But you think the ****
Was that too harsh for you lobes
Too heavy for your mentrality I suppose
Got nerves like kryptonite
Superman couldn't bend those
Kindness kills callous
Like a D-Boy movin' fifty p's of that work
From A-Town to Dallas movin' cool


Cause baby I am (I am) the opening act (the opening act)
The headliner (the headliner)

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