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Artist: OutKast Lyrics
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Album: Track 15 on Speakerboxxx / The Love Below
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Tea's long,
Tea's strong,
Lastin' long vs. long lastin',
Education, however, the difference between the two
Which do you live in, yo'self?
To draw a master plan without a flaw
Somethin' lastin' long leaves a compromising position,
Everything that isn't becomes questionable, unbelieveable, and becomes weak at some point,
Done got the strength t blow and to hit jackin' this joint
Somethin' long lastin'
Big Boi and Dre, the duo whose chemistry gave the potion a rare fate,
Two Atlanta boys that came into this industry,
For the same ol' boys to be OutKast, raps an' OutBlast the peers of the game,
Move with the groove an' don't let the smooth groove fool yu,
So it is, believe in the dirty Southernplayalllisticcaddilac-funky-aliens,
The kind that makes Aquemini,
Big Boi and Dre presents OutKast,
So get ready to bump!
808-style, 2
"The Speakerboxxx" and "The Love Below"
Two albums
With the ame ol' flow
Now enjoy it
Signin' off
Possum Dre

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