OutKast Intro Lyrics

Artist: OutKast
Publishers: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group, CLARKJAY PRODUCTIONS, INC.
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Length: 1:09

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Live, from the center of the earth, 7 light-years below sea level we go,
Welcome to Stankonia.
The place from which all funky things come.
Would you like to come?

(girl moaning, lasts throughout intro)
Bounce baby. (We're bouncing)
Bounce. (We're bouncing)

Two times bounce bounce. (We're bouncing)
We bouncing. (We're bouncing)
Bounce (We bouncing baby)
(We're bouncing!) see'mon, bounce.
(Bouncing! Bounce baby) Bounce!
Bounce bounce. (Baby!) Bounce bounce.
(Let's bounce) see'mon bounce. (Everybody let's bounce)
(Let's bounce) We bouncing now.
All that bouncing, *****s be from the H-L. We got Bankhead right here,
Southwest and 92 strong.
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