Over the Rhine - Everyman's Daughter Lyrics

Artist: Over the Rhine Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Good Dog Bad Dog: The Home Recordings
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Look inside for the elusive goldmine.
Broken glass and a little cheap wine
Is all that I can find.
And bundles of contradictions,
My heart full of loose connections,
Hands across my eyes.
I cannot disguise I'm everyman's daughter.

It's always the same old question.
Who am I and whose invention?
This armour's full of dust.
There's so much of us in each other.
If I hate you you're my best reminder
Of all I wish I was.
I hate you just because I'm everyman's daughter.

Who do you think that I am?
It don't matter long as we can understand.
I am hurting someone.
I am hurting someone just like, just like you.

Insulting the wounds of others,
My sisters, my brothers,
My vision's way too good.
I carry the inward aching.
Like you, I too am naked.
I don't look that good,
But this is flesh and blood. I'm everyman's daughter.

Look at all the blood we've spilt.
I can't deal with all this fundamental guilt.
I am hurting someone.
I am hurting someone just like, just like you.

I am. I am. I am everyman's daughter.

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