Over the Rhine - It's Never Quite What It Seems Lyrics

Artist: Over the Rhine Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on Good Dog Bad Dog: The Home Recordings
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and your face
I do know well
every breath breathes
it's so still
no soul could tell
but one day
like this
the angels fell

and it's never quite what it seems

and it bleeds
this setting sun
and my arms ache
from holding on
let it go
this dying light
makes it hard to tell
wrong from right

and it's never quite what it seems

all the shadows of our doubts
and the light that burns too bright
soon burns out

and your face
you do know well
that the race is lost
hold still
'cause the first
shall be the last
those that burn with thirst
will lift their glass

and it's never quite what it seems

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