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Album: Track 6 on Besides
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Last night I dreamt you cut off all your hair
Discarded all your beauty in despair
Declared yourself a concubine
Filled the bathtub full of wine
Bathed and drank the night away
And said there'd never come a day
When politics would ever mean a thing
Last night I dreamt you came and crowned me king

Last night I dreamt you cut off all your hair
And laid it at the bottom of my stair
And waited by the garden gate
For one more rendezvous with fate
Kept a pistol in your dress
(the iron loved your sweet caress
As trigger-finger twitched at your command)
Last night I dreamt we fell upon the sand

Last night I dreamt you cut off all your hair
And sold your stockings at the county fair
And how the clowns did dance and sway
(the sheep and goats all had their say)
And there I'm sitting at the side
Of the one who loved to ride
The ferris wheel in nothing but bare skin
Last night I dreamt you knocked
I let you in

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