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Album: Track 5 on Eve
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Someone's moving 'round inside of me
Someone's setting up shop where I can't see
But I'm fine
But I'm fine
In this melancholy room

Someone opened up my mouth to speak
Someone pulled the words back into me
But I'm fine (lie)
But I'm fine (lie)
In this melancholy room

Scream like a silent movie
Call of the curious fingers
Feeling my heart
Spring on an Arctic island
Pushing against my ribcage
Takes me apart
Smiles on my Friday face
Call it amazing grace
Are you leaving so soon
I'm mad as a March hare
In June
In this melancholy room

Oh you can you
Can you see how I've fallen
In the fog
Cannot see very far
Cannot see the fallen
In the fog
Can you see what I see
Can you see
Do you want to
Can I call you
Or messiah
You know
You must...
Your body down

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