Over the Rhine The Body Is a Stairway of Skin Lyrics

Artist: Over the Rhine
Publishers: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
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Length: 4:19

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The body
Is a stairway
Of skin
You open the door

I let you in
Carry your story
Through the thick and thin
I feel the angels
Dancing on a pin
They dance

the body
Is a book
Of matches
A little fire

Is required
Of this kindling flame
Ohio Blue Tip Strike Anywhere
Strike me

the body
Is a hallway
Of mirrors
You have to jump

And a net will appear
You can see
There are so many of us

Is the one thing
We all fear
Breaking is the one thing

Break it down
Break me down like the quiet part of a song
The body
Is an apple

On a tree
The body
Is an apple
On the very first tree


Shake it down
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