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Like Houdini in the river with a lock he couldn't see
When you think you hit the bottom, then you better find the key
Like Custer at the Horn when he turned around and said
"When you think you finally got 'em, you're just as good as dead."

It's a time warp puttin' wrinkles in your skin
It's a rockabilly music make you silly in the end
It's a time warp puttin' circles on your eyes
It's a rockabilly music that's a blessing in disguise

Like Ponce de Leon speakin' Spanish in the swamp
"I was lookin' for a fountain, but it's water that I want."
Like Pike at the top and every other freak
"I was lookin' for a mountain, I took a little peak."


Like Buddha at the sermon when he didn't say a word
If you think you hear a flower, it's a flower that you heard
Like da Vinci on the roof with his arm in a sling
"A man's got the power, but a bird's got the wing."


Like Vincent Van Gogh when he chopped off his ear
"I'd like to give her twenty, but I still gotta hear."
Like Crockett at the wall lookin' back to Tennessee
"The livin' costs you plenty, but the dyin's still for free."


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