Ozzy Osbourne - Party With the Animals Lyrics

Artist: Ozzy Osbourne Lyrics
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Album: Track 13 on No More Tears
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Into the night I've gotta go
That's when the juices start to flow
Everything will be alright

I might be blind but I can see
I got the power inside of me
Everything will be alright

I'm never gonna crack under a witch's spell
Never put her chain's on me
I'm never gonna break it
No I'll never tell
I know she'll never let me be

Party, party with the animals
Party, no dogs allowed
Party, party with the animals
Party, no dogs allowed no more

I like it fast, I like it slow
There's no direction I couldn't go
Everything will be alright

I like it loud, I like it mean
I got the thunder in my machine
Everything will be alright

Dancing with disaster is a part of me
I'm never gonna let it go
Don't know what I'm after I'm deserting me
The secret that I'll never know

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