Cowboys & Westerns Lyrics


album: Track 17 in album Won
release date: 2002-5-7
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length: 1:31

Cover Art

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Yo, yo
I light a spliff in a instant, watch the verbal lynch-men
Dressed in crimson, do movies like Mel Gibson
Ski a kingpin, we keep the people steppin
He my partner like Danny Glover Mel's in 'Lethal Weapon'
I'm Pacewon, well known to flip fags
Wise the eye on Wise potato chip bags
I zig-zag, laugh at guys I agonize
A ****** dies, my rap sting like dragonflys
Huh - just two of my rap samples
make rednecks with banjoes sing like Luther Vandross
"I'm Bad," Pacewon "Rocks the Bells"
Give me hugs, "I Need Love" like LL
Yessir, the son of Derrick and Esther
Dunn seen more naked chicks than Hugh Hefner
Some be perfect, some of 'em gear be messed up
Some have a weave or a bald head like Uncle Fester
I hit the best of the skins y'all bink bink like pinball
from Chaka Khan to Molly Ringwald
Uh, I be puffin 'til my chest burns
Ganja get smoked like cowboys and westerns

Track Listing

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  • 17 Cowboys & Westerns
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