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Album: Track 3 on Won
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Yo! Waitin' at your house with a twelve gauge pump
Throw me on stage, I make the place jump
Rockin' over breaks until my day come
Reppin 'the East coast dawg (Pacewon!)
I got my eyes on the pie and I'm takin' a cut
I don't play no games, my tools stay in the trunk
So if a nucca break fool I'll be sprayin' him up
Who be talkin' that "Rah Rah" ****? (Pacewon!)
Aiyyo I rip fools quick like I flip through whips
Roll down your block in a big new six
Braggin' 'bout the place where the chicks do tricks
Let 'em know, who da **** in Da Bricks? (Pacewon!) Like

Yo, gimme your G, gimme your funds, yo
Gotta be me, I gotta be won, yo
Gimme some weed, gimme a blunt, yo
Gotta be me, gotta be won

I like ghetto music ghetto music
Ghetto music ghetto music

Yo I catch a body on real, I kill 'em on wax
King of all rap, make you bring it on back
Never thought I'd be makin' sing-along tracks
I thought I'd be runnin' 'round here slingin' y'all crack!
Dealin' y'all smack or stealin' y'all act
Peelin' y'all naps like Vietnam cats
G'in off gats and peein on hats
'Cause none of y'all can't see me in combat
(I'm the) Pacewon-er, duck and take cover
Lyrics I kick so milk you taste butter
And if you jerks don't bounce like fake rubber
I'ma react and whip out the face cutter
Catch a buck-fifty, ear to the chin
Hair to the grin, come and **** wit me
I'm ready to begin, waitin on your portrait or tec
like yo, where the **** you *****z been?


Ghetto music ghetto music
Ghetto music ghetto music

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