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Artist: Pain of Salvation Lyrics
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And so I find myself here once again - first step down Remedy Lane
Budapest you tore my world apart - well, here I am
Worn with rope ends on my mind, torn with blood scarred in my eyes
But now I'm back to shake that from my life

Ending Theme, ending theme
Ripping at the seams, for an opening

Back again at Deak Ter - I know I could have left her there
It was the feeling of leaving myself that I could not bear
The same old hotel room in Pest one night before the Sziget fest
Hungarian Princess will you share my rest?
To rest in my

Ending theme
Ending theme
Ripping at the seams, for an opening

To be honest I don't know what I'm looking for - who to be
Sitting here as once before, weeks ago - just waiting for a knock on that door
And I have left all I thought was me to find out, to make sure if it was you or me
That made me feel so free and real, but when we kiss I don't know, I just don't know
'Cause it leaves a taste of emptiness, and I think What if I'm simply depressed?
Blind, just finding rest from my mind here in Budapest?
Confusing zest with the joy of being blessed with the bliss of self-escape as we kiss?
And mixing my being unstressed with your being undressed and the taste of being true
With the fresh taste of me and you as we touch? I don't know
But I saw so much of me in you, the me I've missed, the young and free in you
But still, that doesn't mean a thing, may not mean anything about my needing you
But I guess we had to meet, to be near, to make sure, and still my dear
Beyond this bed and that door, to be honest, I fear I just don't know

Ending theme
Ending theme
Fanning flames to dreams of belonging
Ending theme
Ending theme
Ripping at the seams, for an opening

To be honest I don't know what I'm looking for
Lying here, watching you leave through that door

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