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Album: Track 9 on Undressed
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That I never would forget him
To find a beauty such as he in my bed was rare
To sleep with him I was excited
but later I was less delighted
When I found that special present he left
in my pubic hair.
Now it's a crabby day, unhappy day
I'll never forget him i´m sad to say
Leave me alone
I'm having a crabby day
So to the drugstore without haste
To solve the problem below the waist
Then the laundromat to disinfect my clothes
and sheets
Walking home who do I see
But the guy who gave those wretched vermin
to me
He quickly runs to opposite side of the street
Now it's a crabby day, unhappy day
To be treated in such a shabby way
Give me a break,
I'm having a crabby day
At home a message is waiting
From a boy I've been contemplating
he's leaving town for a month and wants
to see me tonight
After the lotion's been applied
Can I be sure every one of those critters has died ?
Or take the risk of passing them on
for a long-awaited night ?
It's such a crabby day, unhappy day
Why did he have to call today ?
Get me out of this
I'm having a crabby day.

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