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Paperboys Fly Away Lyrics

Artist: Paperboys Lyrics
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Sometimes I wanna disappear
And Im like anywhere but here
Feel like all these years has been spent in the wrong hemisphere
But I hold memories near so I can picture
Palm trees, calm seas, letting the breeze hit you
Its almost like jesus was with you so peaceful
Big red feeding my scriptures
No people, see no evil, nonoisy violence
Rather enjoy the silence at bongoyo island
Smiling while watching water
As I hear the waves break man im straight
Just what the doctor ordered
Im feeling safe and warm a replacement away from harm
Its like I taste gods grace and charm
Im trying to get out Im trying to fly away
Im tired / so tired / Im tired baby I need to fly away
Im trying to get out Im trying to fly away Im tired, so tired
Im tired baby I need to fly away
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Run away and don't look back -no past- no worries
Heading for the future
But where is kind of blurry right now
But ima do what i got to do
Shit I hope to find me some peace someday
I lay awake trying to find me some sun rays
But hey it's grey and it stays that way
So aint shit for me to do but getting haze to blaze
Its like Im fit to be the fool
But I maintain stick to the rules
Just looking for some knowledge a house with a pool something solid
Im tired of being an alcoholic
Tired of all this, tired of coping my disorders
Im cutting corners even tough Im sure
This is all I my mind guess Im the norm
Scared of falling behind
But what the fuck is this we follow so blind
Yo god I need to borrow some time Im real tired
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